About Vifin Course Creator

Vifin Course Creator (VCC) is a user-friendly, digital tool for creating educational materials.

VIFIN Course Creator (VCC) is targeted at language education and more – for example, Danish as a second language, foreign languages, and other subjects. With VIFIN Course Creator, educators receive an intuitive and flexible tool for developing their own courses. Learners can access the courses from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The tool's flexibility allows educators to design courses as they wish according to their pedagogical needs. There are templates for creating different layouts and great flexibility regarding the design of answer options and thus difficulty levels. You can design your feedback as you wish and much more. And it's all in Danish!

Uniquely in a Danish context, VIFIN Course Creator has built-in speech recognition in over 50 languages, offering special opportunities to work with spoken language.

In addition to speech recognition, the tool includes a variety of well-known exercise types such as multiple choice, build-up, cloze, match tasks, and many more.

See an introduction from a webinar to VIFIN Course Creator at https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=RcHwYDxVFD0

If you have any questions regarding VIFIN Course Creator, you can contact Ib Jespersgaard at dansknu@dansknu.nu