The Search for St. Brendan
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Get to know Ireland

Welcome to Ireland

Ireland is a country situated on the periphery of the west of Europe consisting of twenty-six counties. It is the third largest island in Europe, separated from Great Britain to its east by the Irish Sea and is bordered by the Atlantic on the west coast.  The population of Ireland in 2016 is 4.7 million and 1.3 million live its capital city, Dublin. English is the most common language spoken in Ireland. Irish and English are the official languages. Irish is spoken by around 73,803 people daily, Ireland is a republic and the unit of currency is the euro.

On this trip we will take you to one of the 26 counties of Ireland, Co.  Kerry situated in the spectacular  south-west Atlantic coast, birthplace of Brendan the Navigator  We wish you a good and educational, but challenging journey.

The hunt for St. Brendan "The Navigator"
The hunt for St. Brendan "The Navigator"

Welcome to the hunt (quest) for St. Brendan The Navigator. This is an interactive language learning programme where you play Pavan, an Indian academic with an interest in medieval Irish literature, who has come to Ireland to find the birthplace of St. Brendan. St. Brendan was born around the year 484 near Tralee, Co. Kerry Ireland. The story of St. Brendan and his fellow monks is told in The Voyage of Brendan (Navigation) written around the year 900  which is  a tale of  travelling across  the Atlantic possibly breaching the Americas.

 In your hunt for Brendan the Navigator you will learn at the same time enough English language and Irish culture to enable you to survive and also write a travel guide.

Try to learn and remember as much as possible. You never know where, when, or in front of whom you need their knowledge.

You're Pavan
You're Pavan

Your name is Pavan an Indian academic now living in London. You have come to Ireland to find Brendan the Navigator’s birthplace near Tralee, Co. Kerry to write a travel blog for his website on Brendan. You are 28 years old and married to Sinha who is a researcher. You have one daughter of 5 years.

To complete the game there are some things you need to know about Pavan as you play. The information you will need on your journey through Ireland.


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