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Introduction to Spain
Introduction to Spain

Get to Know Spain

Welcome to Spain.

Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a country mostly located on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe, two archipelagos, the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, the Canary Islands in the African Atlantic coast, and two cities, Ceuta and Melilla, on the African mainland. The capital of Spain is Madrid. With approximately 46 million inhabitants, the official languages is Spanish although certain autonomous communities have recognised as co-official 4 other languages: Catalan, Galician, Basque and Occitan.
The country is geographically diverse, you can find snow at the Sierra Nevada in Andalucía or at the Pyrenees in Cataluña, spectacular beaches in the Balearic Islands and along the Mediterranean coast, volcanoes, Natural Reserves, and a rich and diverse heritage all around the country.

In this course we will take you to Valladolid a city in northwest Spain, home of Spanish kings in the early 1600s and the place of death of Christopher Columbus. We wish you a good and educational, but challenging journey.

The Search for Isabella I of Castile
The Search for Isabella I of Castile

Welcome to the Search for Isabella.

The Search for Isabella is an interactive language learning program where you play Patrick Malone, a student from Dublín (Ireland), who is on an Erasmus exchange in Valladolid (Spain). During the exchange you will search for the basis of the political unification of Spain and you will discover about the close relationship between Isabella and Columbus.

In your Search for Isabella you will learn at the same time enough Spanish language and culture for your travels. Try to learn and remember as much as possible. You never know where, when, or in front of whom you need that knowledge.
You are Patrick Malone
You are Patrick Malone

You are Patrick Malone, a student from Dublin (Ireland), who is on an Erasmus exchange in Valladolid/Spain. Patrick arrived by plane in Madrid and then took a train to Valladolid where he learned that the historic centre and birthplace of modern Spain was not Madrid, but Valladolid. He now wants to get to know the city of Valladolid and research the role of Isabel I.

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