The Search for Beethoven
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Get to know Austria and Germany
Get to know Austria and Germany

Get to know Austria and Germany

Welcome to Austria and Germany!

Austria is a landlocked country of over 8.7 million people.The terrain is highly mountainous and lying within the Alps: only 32% of the country is below 500 m, and its highest point is 3,798 m (Großglockner). The country is consistently ranked as one of the richest countries in the world and has developed a high standard of living. Austria is a parliamentary representative democracy. Its capital and largest city, with a population exceeding 1.8 million, is Vienna.

Germany, the bigger neighbor of Austria, is the most populous member state of the European Union with about 82 million inhabitants. After the United States, it is the second most popular immigration destination in the world. Germany is a federal parliamentary republic with capital Berlin. The country ranges from the mountains of the Alps (highest point: Zugspitze at 2,962 m) in the south to the shores of the North Sea (Nordsee) in the northwest and the Baltic Sea (Ostsee) in the northeast.

On this trip we will take you to Vienna, the beautiful Danube metropolis.

The search for Beethoven
The search for Beethoven

Welcome to The Search for Beethoven.

The Search for Beethoven is an interactive language learning program where you play Steve Miller, an English composer, who has come to Austria to find inspiration from Ludwig van Beethoven’s work. In your search for Beethoven you will learn at the same time enough German language and culture to cope with all tasks at the game - and to be fit for a real trip to Austria and Germany. Try to learn and remember as much as possible. You never know where, when, or in front of whom you need the knowledge.

You're Steve Miller
You're Steve Miller

To complete the game there are some things you need to know about Steve.

Your name is Steve Miller and you are from Bristol in England. You are an aspiring composer, have a scholarship to do your first orchestral work and come to Vienna to get a deeper understanding of Beethoven's work.

You are 31 years old and live with your girlfriend Sheena and your little son Phil, nearly 2 years old, in a little town house. Sheena has worked as software engineer for a little company but currently she's at home to look after Phil.

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